达诺集团作为安徽唯一一家乳制品出口企业,国家级农业产业化安徽省重点龙头企业,给全国乃至世界提供关爱和健康,同时也积极开展绿色环保新能源行业,为世界增添更多绿色。Danuo Group , as the sole milk products export permited and a State-Level agriculturel industrialization key enterprise in Anhui Province, provides care and healthy to the whole country and the world , At the same time, we also actively carry out green and new energy projects to put more green to the world.

我司在2017年6月在安徽滁州工厂屋顶建设并网5MW光伏电站,采用安徽知名光伏企业旭能光伏太阳能组件。计划在未来开发更多新能源电站。In June 2017 we completed a 5MW captive solar rooftop project on factory of our Chuzhou branch, using well known solar module from Schutten Solar,  in future we plan to develop more renewable energy.